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A new layer of mulch can add curb appeal for a very cheap cost.  Mulching is very inexpensive and quick to install.  Most mulch applications can be done within an hour or two time.  A simple weeding and clean up before installation is mandatory for maximum appeal.  Call now 201-835-5769!!!


Are you ever envious walking through the neighborhood admiring all of those perfectly manicured lawns with impeccable landscaping? Many of those jobs start with a simple bag or two of mulch, but mulch does much more than just liven up landscaping.

Whether you buy it a bag at a time or you’re landscaping by the truck load, mulch is the perfect finishing touch on a great yard.

‘A well landscaped lawn can add 7 to 14 percent to the value of your home. Mulch is an inexpensive landscaping option and there’s added benefit because mulch will help retain moisture in your flower beds,’ Angie Hicks from Angie’s List.

More moisture in your beds means lower water bills in the summer.

Mulch is also a natural weed suppressor. It’s a great option if you prefer not to use pesticides.
The finer the mulch the faster it will decompose. And if you’re mulching for aesthetics, dyed mulch tends to hold its color better than hardwood.

When it’s time to figure out how much mulch is needed a simple math equation holds your answer.

‘The length times the width will find the area, and then what you want to do is divide by 100. We apply our mulch at 3 inches which is the proper depth,’ professional landscaper Gregg Pulley said.

At that depth, one yard of mulch will cover 100 square feet. It typically lasts 9 to12 months.

One other bit of advice from Angie’s list is to avoid the mulch volcano. High mulch right next to a tree that tapers down can cause damage. It saturates the tree roots with water causing rot and fungus. A consistent 3 inches or less is the way to go.